Dwayne “Dubelyoo” Wright is a dynamic visual artist, pioneer and advocate with intrinsic abilities, giving rise to his illustrious career. This prominent Atlanta-based artist has been promoting urban art and culture through paintings, illustrations and murals for the past decade. Dubelyoo’s ability to conjure his imaginative complexes forms a natural connection with fine art enthusiasts and propelled him to commercial success. He is known for empowering artists through personal workshops, panel, appearances and his work as a curator. Creating iconic installations, painting signature acrylic works of art, or drawing in his legendary sketchbook, Dubelyoo believes “If it isn’t real, they can’t feel it.” While his design and aesthetic captures viewers initially, it is his authenticity that captivates them emotionally. Whether he is referencing images, watching videos or partaking in physical activities, Dubelyoo delves deep into the world of the chosen subject, ultimately manifesting its essential beauty through his artistic expressions.

Dubelyoo is also the curator and co-founder of Art, Beats + Lyrics, one of the largest traveling urban art exhibitions in the USA.  As a curator, some of his duties involve designing and art directing mural installations from artists around the nation.

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Photos by Kat Goduco